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Rev. Colin Samul

Reverend Samul has been our Pastor since April of 2019. He is originally from the Detroit area, where he was converted in 2005. Soon after his conversion, he felt the call to ministry and began to pursue his education for the ministry. He graduated from Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, MI in 2009 and subsequently moved to Sacramento, CA, where he attended City Seminary. After receiving his M.Div. in 2016, he served as pulpit supply in the RCUS. In 2018 he assisted the core group of GBRPC in petitioning the RPCNA for a Church plant in the Reno Area, while working with the Pacific Coast Presbytery to establish the work until he received the call to Pastor the congregation in early 2019. He is husband to Shanna, and the proud father of their four children; Mele, Evangeline, Leland, and Lilyanna.

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Elder Greg Kothman

Mr. Greg Kothman was born and raised in a Christian home, and never knew a time when he did not believe in God or that he ever doubted the truth of the Bible. However, Greg didn’t come to saving faith until sometime between 2002 and 2005 when God used a variety of means, notably Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort through The Way of the Master ministry, to convert him.

Greg is an Army veteran, retiring after serving for a couple of decades and a few years. He married the lovely Kobi in 1995 and they have five children: Akaylah, Abigail, Sierra, Nate and Ginger.